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Todd Griffin BA (psych),

Grad Dip (psych), Assoc MAPS

Director and Principal Psychologist

Todd has over 14 years of experience working with adults and young people in both public health and private practice settings. He has provided individual treatments to people from diverse cultural backgrounds, for a variety of mental health and behavioural issues, including: depression, anxiety disorders, addictions, personality disorders, trauma and grief issues. He has also facilitated a number of group programs, treating a wide range of issues: from quitting cannabis, to social skills training, self-esteem development and deliberate self-harm behaviours.

Todd uses a number of evidence-based therapy styles to assist his clients. He enjoys the challenge of working with people with a range of presenting issues and is particularly passionate about assisting people with long-term depressive and interpersonal issues. He works with his clients to identify and change reoccurring life patterns, by reconnecting with underlying feelings and modifying unhelpful coping methods.

Todd is a warm, friendly and relaxed person with a well developed sense of humour. He is quick to develop rapport with his clients and has a strong commitment to improving the emotional well-being of the local community.


Joclyn Stanley BA (psych),

Grad Dip (social health), Assoc MAPS

Registered Psychologist

Joclyn has been a fully registered psychologist since 2008. She has worked in a wide range of psychology settings in the Penrith area and enjoys helping people from many different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. She is committed to helping her clients to lead a rich and meaningful life, which often involves helping them identify and manage overwhelming emotions and unhelpful coping styles.

Joclyn believes that our close relationships form a very important part of our well-being. She is passionate about assisting her clients to grow and nurture their relationships and has many years of experience in teaching the communication, conflict resolution and social skills required to achieve this.

Joclyn also has a special interest in life coaching. She is very committed to helping her clients to reach their full potential and her coaching work is guided by her life motto “everyone deserves to live a life that is truly rewarding and fulfilling”. She has expertise in coaching a range of areas, including: life coaching, career and vocation coaching, and business coaching.

Joclyn is a great listener and provides a warm and supportive environment for her clients to work through the issues that cause them distress.