Anger is a normal, natural and at times very useful human emotion. Everybody experiences anger at some time, and it can vary from mild frustration through to intense rage. We may feel angry in a range of situations, including: when we believe we have been treated unfairly, when we feel we have no control over a situation, when we have been humiliated or when we are reminded of times in the past in which we have been mistreated.

Anger can be a very useful emotion, because it can help us to recognise injustices and give us the motivation and power to stand up for ourselves or others. However, it can also be expressed in ways that are not so helpful to us, such as explosive outbursts, yelling, throwing or hitting things, or even violence and physical assaults on others.

While in the short-term, such expressions of anger may help us to feel some relief, this is often brief, and there can be some longer lasting consequences to regular, out of control outbursts. These may include the loss of things that mean a lot to us, such as our relationships, employment or even possessions. In some cases, it may even result in court appearances and other legal consequences.

How Can We Help?

At TG Psychology, we have helped many people with anger management difficulties. While many factors may contribute to anger issues we believe that the anger behaviours, which commonly result in difficulties, are learnt. Our psychologists can help you to “unlearn” these behaviours by teaching you more helpful ways to manage and redirect your feelings of anger. We can help you to: understand the situations which trigger your anger, recognise risky situations and early warning signs, and learn some strategies to enable you to sooth your anger and to express it in more helpful ways.

So contact us at TG Psychology today on Ph 02 8089 2665 and take the first step towards managing your anger.